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Dow Silicones is launching EI-2888

DOWSILTM EI-2888 is the newest primerless silicone encapsulant from Dow Silicones. Featuring good primerless adhesion, inhibition resistance and superb optical clarity, this innovative product is particularly suitable for encapsulating rigid and flexible circuit boards for LED Lighting, explosion proof and high ingress protection rated luminaire.

PACE Arm-Evac 150

PACE launches Arm-Evac 150, a new low-cost fume extraction system for benchtop soldering and rework applications. The central filtration unit is a quiet, low profile, compact system which fits under any workbench. Comes complete with a general purpose combo filter, SteadyFlexTM ESD-safe arm & nozzle assembly and wireless remote control.

Stencil production

Tannlin are the leading European supplier of high accuracy laser cut stainless steel stencils.  A continual investment in research and development and training our employees ensure our stencils deliver in the most demanding production situations. Tannlin benefit from an in-depth understanding of both SMT and stencil production with proprietary processes and equipment to ensure optimum control.

Tannlin manufacturing operations are co-resident with EPS at both their Budapest and Timisoara facilities. These are "copy exact" stencil manufacturing operations, are fully equipped with the latest Tannlin T11 laser cutting systems and all adhere to Tannlin's strict process. With the manufacturing sites being 3.5 hours apart we are able to offer full manufacturing backup. Stencils can be supplied in all industry frame formats with the option to specify multi level requirements and nano-coat surface treatment.

Stencil ordering is made easy with Blueprint allowing a joint focus on every part of the process from order entry through design modifications to manufacture and shipment.

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