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VJ Electronix launches Summit 1800i

The Summit 1800i is the latest in the popular Summit series. Carrying forward the leading heating capacity, throughput, repeatability, and reliability of the Summit 1800, the Summit 1800i offers a 2.2 kW Top heater boost and optimized processes for connectors, sockets, and multi-BGA rework.

New synthetic rubber from HumiSeal

HumiSeal launched synthetic rubber 1B59 LU, an enhanced version of the popular 1B51 NSLU. It has improved temperature resistance up to 150ºC and extremely low moisture vapor permeability. Its excellent flexibility enables low stress on components. The 1B59 LU is fully compliant with the RoHS Directive 2011/65/EC.



For 25 years, CyberOptics has provided industry leading optical sensors and inspection systems for the electronics assembly equipment market. With more than 150,000 sensors in the field, our expertise in designing and manufacturing sensors is unsurpassed.

Leading electronics manufacturers rely on CyberOptics to anticipate the industry’s needs and innovatively solve problems with our sensors, systems and software. By providing process control that increases productivity and product quality, our products enable electronics manufacturers to deliver the highest value to their customers.

Today, hundreds of manufacturing plants around the world use CyberOptics' sensors and systems to measure and eliminate defects—providing the critical edge to their customers.



Solder Paste Inspection

CyberOptics is the world's number-one supplier of solder paste inspection equipment used to monitor and control one of the most crucial steps affecting the finished quality of circuit boards. Solder paste deposition is the key process in board assembly operations using SMT techniques. Our LSM™ system was the industry's first popular method of manually inspecting solder paste; our SE systems revolutionized SMT production by offering an automated method for performing in-process inspection on the assembly line. With more than 3000 systems installed worldwide, CyberOptics has the largest installed base of solder paste inspection equipment in the industry.

The SE500ULTRA™ system has an all-new, improved ultrafast sensor combined with a unique ‘all-in-one’ scan technique – that integrates fiducial, barcode and range scans into one, seamless scan sequence – making it 30% faster at 210cm2/sec. It comes with the newly designed V5 series software, enabling world class user experience. You can choose the Dual Illumination sensor option for best repeatability and reproducibility results – even on the smallest paste deposits.


Automated Optical Inspection

CyberOptics’ AOI systems are designed for both pre-reflow and post-reflow inspection covering a comprehensive list of component and solder joint defect categories and are fully capable of inspecting 01005 components and beyond.

The SIM (Strobed Inspection Module) is at the core of every CyberOptics’ AOI system. Designed and manufactured exclusively by CyberOptics, the calibration-free SIM enables on-the-fly inspection at 200cm2/sec – making our AOI systems the fastest in the world.

CyberOptics’ AI2 (Autonomous Image Interpretation) technology offers simple programming with no fine-tuning of algorithms or pre-defining of variance required. AI2 delivers quality results with lowest tuning time with just one panel inspection making it an ideal solution for high-mix, low-volume applications. Experience lowest false call rates and programming in <16 minutes with AI2 technology.

SQ3000 3D AOI system maximizes ROI and line utilization with 3D multi-view sensors that enable fastest 3D inspection in the industry. SQ3000 incorporates Multi-Reflection Suppression technology (MRS) and highly sophisticated 3D algorithms offering microscopic image quality at production speeds. MRS technology suppresses any reflections that can distort the data, especially on shiny components, enabling precise 3D representation while the architecturally superior sensor design captures and transmits data simultaneously and in parallel. The result is unmatched speed and accuracy.


Soldering Solder Tin Lead LeadFree
Glueing Coating Selective Conformal Paste
Thermally conductive Silicone Poliuretane Acryl Epoxy
Fluxing Flux Alcohol based Water based Bar
Wire UV BGA Rework X-ray