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Dow Silicones is launching EI-2888

DOWSILTM EI-2888 is the newest primerless silicone encapsulant from Dow Silicones. Featuring good primerless adhesion, inhibition resistance and superb optical clarity, this innovative product is particularly suitable for encapsulating rigid and flexible circuit boards for LED Lighting, explosion proof and high ingress protection rated luminaire.

PACE Arm-Evac 150

PACE launches Arm-Evac 150, a new low-cost fume extraction system for benchtop soldering and rework applications. The central filtration unit is a quiet, low profile, compact system which fits under any workbench. Comes complete with a general purpose combo filter, SteadyFlexTM ESD-safe arm & nozzle assembly and wireless remote control.



Worldwide Leader in Solder and Solder Related Products

With over 100 years of manufacturing experience, Kester is a leading global supplier of higher performance interconnecting materials and related services for the electronic and semiconductor assembly markets. Kester offers the following solutions:

Lead-Free Solutions

Solder pastes

Bar solders

Liquid fluxes

Solid and fluxed cored wires

Tacky soldering fluxes (TSF)

Rework fluxes

Solderforms ®

SE-CURE ® advanced materials

A full spectrum of global customer technical support


Throughout the world, Kester's products are known for their high quality and advanced technology. Kester's ISO-9001 certification ensure Kester's partners of this dedication to quality and environmental responsibility.

In addition, Kester Team will is prepared and trained to solve your  manufacturing questions across the world. At Kester believes smart products plus knowledge equals solutions and this is what Kester offers the electronics assembly industry.

Kester global headquarters operates from a facility located in the Chicago suburb of Itasca, Illinois with additional manufacturing facilities in Mexico, Singapore, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, and Malaysia. Its worldwide manufacturing and technical capabilities provide the support required to serve major electronics manufacturing services providers and OEMs. Kester's multiple global plants and extensive distributor network also assure quick delivery and easy access to Kester products.

Kester's global research and development strategy draws upon resources located in the U.S., Singapore, Germany, and Japan. R&D chemists are dedicated to advancing soldering technology to meet the needs of a constantly changing and advancing electronics marketplace. Kester continually assesses the needs of the marketplace to determine areas in which research should be performed to develop products and services to better serve specific customer requirements. Whatever Kester will be there to offer the complete product, process, and support solution.

Soldering Solder Tin Lead LeadFree
Glueing Coating Selective Conformal Paste
Thermally conductive Silicone Poliuretane Acryl Epoxy
Fluxing Flux Alcohol based Water based Bar
Wire UV BGA Rework X-ray