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VJ Electronix launches Summit 1800i

The Summit 1800i is the latest in the popular Summit series. Carrying forward the leading heating capacity, throughput, repeatability, and reliability of the Summit 1800, the Summit 1800i offers a 2.2 kW Top heater boost and optimized processes for connectors, sockets, and multi-BGA rework.

New synthetic rubber from HumiSeal

HumiSeal launched synthetic rubber 1B59 LU, an enhanced version of the popular 1B51 NSLU. It has improved temperature resistance up to 150ºC and extremely low moisture vapor permeability. Its excellent flexibility enables low stress on components. The 1B59 LU is fully compliant with the RoHS Directive 2011/65/EC.



Tannlin operate a Stencil production site in Budapest in Hungary co-resident with our European agent EPS. We have additional operations in Timisoara in Romania and Prestwick and Hook in the UK. Each facility is a copy exact production operation with dedicated local CAD and technology support staff. The sites are fully equipped with the latest Tannlin T11 stencil laser cutting systems and ancillary equipment. They operate under the strict Tannlin operating processes and quality management system ensuring we meet our requirements for accuracy and repeatability. Customer communication and operational control is all managed through our proprietary on-line Blueprint application.

Laser cut stencils

A unique understanding of stencil production and surface mount assembly processes gives Tannlin an in-depth appreciation of the need for accuracy to support process control, consistency and stability. Tannlin-manufactured stencils will contribute positively to yield and quality through unparalleled cut-edge quality and geometry, ensuring optimal paste release.

Tannlin laser cut stencils provide:

  • Aperture sizes accurate to 1 micron, for apertures as small as 20 microns
  • Material thickness from 20 microns up to 500 microns
  • Superior surface flatness compared with full electroformed stencils
  • Optimised surface finish for enhanced paste roll
  • Extended stencil life on nickel plated stencils for high volume production
  • Consistent paste release for area ratios as low as 0.5 with no additional surface treatments.
  • Nanocoat stencil treatment


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