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Dow Silicones is launching EI-2888

DOWSILTM EI-2888 is the newest primerless silicone encapsulant from Dow Silicones. Featuring good primerless adhesion, inhibition resistance and superb optical clarity, this innovative product is particularly suitable for encapsulating rigid and flexible circuit boards for LED Lighting, explosion proof and high ingress protection rated luminaire.

PACE Arm-Evac 150

PACE launches Arm-Evac 150, a new low-cost fume extraction system for benchtop soldering and rework applications. The central filtration unit is a quiet, low profile, compact system which fits under any workbench. Comes complete with a general purpose combo filter, SteadyFlexTM ESD-safe arm & nozzle assembly and wireless remote control.

VJ Electronix

VJ Electronix provides Rework and X-ray Inspection solutions for a variety of electronics and industrial applications. Applications range from high-volume consumer products such as mobile phones, netbooks, set-top boxes, game consoles to ultra-precision, challenging applications found in aerospace, life-support, medical devices, automotive, and harsh marine environments.



VJ Electronix offers a broad range of semi-automated and automated rework systems with precision, high throughput, and an easy-to-use operator interface.

High-level automation, intuitive software, and easy set up help minimize operator intervention and simplify your most difficult rework processes. These systems help you quickly recover the value lost in bad boards. VJE combines years of industry leadership, technical expertise, and product development knowledge to manufacture state-of-the-art rework systems that offer high productivity and reduced cost of ownership. The rework stations handle a wide range of board and component configurations. The systems are easy to configure for a variety of packaging rework applications ranging from BGA rework to RF shield removal, micro passive (0201, 01005) and Package on package (PoP).

Summit II combines the latest rework technologies and ergonomics with the throughput, accuracy and reliability of the renowned Summit product family. Summit II features a reduced footprint, yet larger board capacity with easy to adjust board support fixtures. Enhanced SierraMate software takes the popular user-friendly operation to the next level with a simple icon driven GUI and unmatched flexibility through easily customized operation sequences.



VJ Electronix offers manual and fully automated inspection systems for applications such as PCB assembly, semiconductor packages, electromechanical assemblies, bio-medical/pharmaceuticals, batteries, and more. The systems offer a range of imaging options and simple manual or programmable operation. In addition, custom inspection systems are available tailored specifically for your production requirements.

All the products are easily integrated into the manufacturing process for fast start-up and 24/7 operation. Their versatility and ease-of-use deliver repeatable results with all levels of production staff. The main products are Vertex II and XQuik II with Accucount, which is also available with an auto-load option.


Soldering Solder Tin Lead LeadFree
Glueing Coating Selective Conformal Paste
Thermally conductive Silicone Poliuretane Acryl Epoxy
Fluxing Flux Alcohol based Water based Bar
Wire UV BGA Rework X-ray