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VJ Electronix launches Summit 1800i

The Summit 1800i is the latest in the popular Summit series. Carrying forward the leading heating capacity, throughput, repeatability, and reliability of the Summit 1800, the Summit 1800i offers a 2.2 kW Top heater boost and optimized processes for connectors, sockets, and multi-BGA rework.

New synthetic rubber from HumiSeal

HumiSeal launched synthetic rubber 1B59 LU, an enhanced version of the popular 1B51 NSLU. It has improved temperature resistance up to 150ºC and extremely low moisture vapor permeability. Its excellent flexibility enables low stress on components. The 1B59 LU is fully compliant with the RoHS Directive 2011/65/EC.


952-S Low-Solids No-Clean Tacky Liquid Flux

Kester Flux 952S is a no-clean, non-corrosive, halogen free liquid non rosin organic flux designed for wave soldering of conventional and surface mount circuit board assemblies. The extremely low solid content (2%) and nature of activator system results in practically no residues left on the assembly after soldering. Boards are dry and cosmetically clean as they exit the wave solder machine. There are no residues to interfere with electrical testing and the expense of cleaning is eliminated.


Kester Flux 952S is exhibiting improved soldering performance to minimize soldering bridges (shorts) and excessive solder defects. This non-corrosive and non conductive flux meets the strictest equirements of Bellcore TR-TSY-000078 specification. This flux is suitable for automotive, computer, telecommunications and other applications where reliability considerations are critical. The surface insulation resistance on soldered boards is higher than that provided by typical organic water-soluble fluxes.


Performance Characteristics

· Minimize micro-solderballs

· Halogen free

· Improves soldering performance

· Eliminates the need and expense of cleaning

· Conforms to ANSI/J-STD-004, Flux Classification ORL0

· Conforms to ISO 9454-1:213A.

· Conforms to Bellcore TR-TSY-000078 specification

959T Low-Solids No-Clean Flux Pen®

For Lead-bearing and Lead-free alloys


Kester 959T is a no-clean, non-corrosive, halide free Flux Pen® that is specifically designed for lead-free rework of conventional and surface mount circuit board assemblies. Essentially no residue remains after soldering. Kester 959T was developed with a modified surface tension to aid in soldering boards that have surface mount and high component densities. This comprehensive formulation possesses improved wetting characteristics and also exhibits superior corrosion inhibiting properties and provides a non-tacky residue. A major advantage of this flux is the reduced odor associated with the soldering process. Kester 959T incorporates a small amount of rosin for higher reliablility.


Performance Characteristics:

• Residues almost colorless

• Improves soldering performance

• Reduced odor associated with soldering process

• Eliminates the need and expense of cleaning

• Non-corrosive tack-free residues

• Contains < 0.5% Rosin

• Classified as ORL0 per J-STD-004

• Compliant to Bellcore GR-78


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