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VJ Electronix launches Summit 1800i

The Summit 1800i is the latest in the popular Summit series. Carrying forward the leading heating capacity, throughput, repeatability, and reliability of the Summit 1800, the Summit 1800i offers a 2.2 kW Top heater boost and optimized processes for connectors, sockets, and multi-BGA rework.

New synthetic rubber from HumiSeal

HumiSeal launched synthetic rubber 1B59 LU, an enhanced version of the popular 1B51 NSLU. It has improved temperature resistance up to 150ºC and extremely low moisture vapor permeability. Its excellent flexibility enables low stress on components. The 1B59 LU is fully compliant with the RoHS Directive 2011/65/EC.

SMT Rework Systems

VJ Electronix offers a broad range of semi-automated and automated SMT rework systems with precision, high throughput, and an easy-to-use operator interface.

High-level automation, intuitive software, and easy set up help minimize operator intervention and simplify your most difficult rework processes.  Our systems help you quickly recover the value lost in bad boards.  VJE combines years of industry leadership, technical expertise, and product development knowledge to manufacture state-of-the-art SMT rework systems that offer high productivity and reduced cost of ownership.  Our SMT rework stations handle a wide range of board and component configurations. Our systems are easy to configure for a variety of SMT and packaging rework applications ranging from BGA rework to RF shield removal, micro passive (0201, 01005)  and Package on package (PoP).

Summit II

The Latest in High Performance Rework Systems

Summit II combines the latest rework technologies and ergonomics with the throughput, accuracy and reliability of the renowned Summit product family. Summit II features a reduced footprint, yet larger board capacity with easy to adjust board support fixtures. Enhanced SierraMate software takes the popular user-friendly operation to the next level with a simple icon driven GUI and unmatched flexibility through easily customized operation sequences.


Carrying on with the Summit legacy for reliability and uptime, the Summit II is designed for years of continuous use. Improved lighting and optics make alignment of difficult components, even 01005s, easier than ever. Digital gas flow control provides optimized reflow profiles for everything from micro passive devices and PoP components through the largest DIMM connectors. The enhanced side-view camera allows the operator to watch the rework process up close.

The Summit II Features

  • Reduced footprint with larger board capacity
  • Simplified Graphical User Interface
  • Closed loop control of heater gas flow
  • Ultra High Flow for large connectors and multiple BGA rework
  • Nested Top Heater and independent pickup tube travel
    • Allows nozzle to gasket the board
    • Support zero force (clean) component removal
  • Improved quick-release nozzle and pick up tube exchange
  • Differential TC inputs – eliminates signal noise


Summit II product sheet

Summit 1800i

The Summit 1800i is the latest in the popular Summit series. Carrying forward the leading heating capacity, throughput, repeatability, and reliability of the Summit 1800, the Summit 1800i offers added performance and flexibility. Redesigned component placement provides improved performance for micro passive devices and connectors. With up to 80mm Field of View, the Summit 1800i meets rework need for today and many years to come.

Key Features

  • Placement Accuracy – 0.005” (12μ)
  • Top Heater – 1.6 kW Convection, with Optional 2.2 kW Boost
  • Bottom Heater – 4.0 kW Convection, Optional 7.8 kW
  • Maximum board size 18 x 22” (455 x 560 mm), Optional 22 x 30” (560 x 760 mm)
  • Optimized process for connectors, sockets, and multi-BGA rework
Summit 1800

VJ Electronix proudly offers the Summit 1800 within the SRT Series. The Summit 1800 Automated Rework system developed by SRT and further refined by VJ Technologies, is the industry’s standard for Rework systems. The Summit 1800 provides the most advanced features designed specifically to address difficult Rework challenges.
Proprietary SierraMate™ Windows® based software provides an easy to use “1-2-3-Go” graphical user interface, featuring intuitive programming and Auto Profile. The 1800 is “production ready” with many standard features, providing a superior value.

The Summit 1800 is the premier Surface Mount Rework system. It incorporates well established features and benefits common to 
all Summit systems plus introduces state-of the-art innovations to address the latest industry advancements and challenges.


Summit Series page


VJ Electronix, Inc. introduces the SRT Micra, High Through-put rework system. Revolutionary new heaters and power controls provide extremely high performance. Compact in design with SRT’s latest rework technologies, the Micra addresses the challenges of reworking technologies such as Package on package(PoP), QFN, micro-Passive like 01005, 0.3mm pitch CSP and RF Shields commonly used in Smartphones, Netbooks, GPS, cameras, audio-video players, tablets, eReaders and other small form factor products. The SRT Micra provides rapid RF shield removal that minimizes thermal migration to sensitive components beneath. Micro-Scavenging removes residual solder from the largest asymmetrical RF Shield’s land to the smallest, tightly spaced micro-passive pads. The Micra hosts the ultra-flexible SierraMate™ V9 rework software, providing a new icon driven user interface and SRT’s new AutoRun™ automatic process set-up. V9 further simplifies process definition and assures consistent, repeatable results while minimizing training and profiling.


Micra product sheet

Soldering Solder Tin Lead LeadFree
Glueing Coating Selective Conformal Paste
Thermally conductive Silicone Poliuretane Acryl Epoxy
Fluxing Flux Alcohol based Water based Bar
Wire UV BGA Rework X-ray