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Dow Silicones is launching EI-2888

DOWSILTM EI-2888 is the newest primerless silicone encapsulant from Dow Silicones. Featuring good primerless adhesion, inhibition resistance and superb optical clarity, this innovative product is particularly suitable for encapsulating rigid and flexible circuit boards for LED Lighting, explosion proof and high ingress protection rated luminaire.

PACE Arm-Evac 150

PACE launches Arm-Evac 150, a new low-cost fume extraction system for benchtop soldering and rework applications. The central filtration unit is a quiet, low profile, compact system which fits under any workbench. Comes complete with a general purpose combo filter, SteadyFlexTM ESD-safe arm & nozzle assembly and wireless remote control.

SMT X-Ray Systems

XQuik II Auto Load with Accucount

First We Made It Easy… Now we Made It Faster!

XQuik II Auto Load provides automatic load and unload of reels offering a substantially faster part counting process. While scanning and counting of the reels take place, the operator is able to scan barcodes, apply labels and transfer reels providing a significant throughput increase. And, with automatic counting algorithms, no programming is required making the system easy to operate.

The system reduces time to return components to stock, and faster inventory turnover reduces costs and eliminates line down events.

Process either one 13 – 15 inch reel or up to four 7 inch reels at one time.

Key Applications:

  • Automatically “counts” components as small as 01005
  • Counts 7” to 15” reels
  • One button operation
  • Reduce cycle times
  • Integrated barcode printing
  • Connect to MES for seamless inventory control
  • Substantially speed up part counting process
  • >99% part count accuracy
  • May also be used for electronics inspection


XQuik II Auto Load product sheet

VJ Electronix home page

Vertex II

VJ Electronix leads the way in providing robust and practical X-ray solutions to solve real production issues. Innovation and simplicity govern system design to maximize ease-of-use with programmed inspection and a simple 1–2–Go! user interface.


Standard Features

  • Wide variety of X-ray sources and detectors
  • Large sample capacity
  • Manual and programmable operation
  • Image Processing – Archival (multiple formats), annotations, and measurement tools
  • BGA analysis
  • Area void analysis


Optional Features

  • High Resolution, High Contrast CMOS Digital Flat Panel Detectors
  • Up to 45 Degrees of Off Axis (Oblique) Viewing Without Tilting the Sample or Changing Magnification
  • Nexus 300 Inspection Software and Analysis Tools
  • Advanced Defect Enhancement
  • Feature Masking for Double Sided Boards


Vertex II product sheet

Soldering Solder Tin Lead LeadFree
Glueing Coating Selective Conformal Paste
Thermally conductive Silicone Poliuretane Acryl Epoxy
Fluxing Flux Alcohol based Water based Bar
Wire UV BGA Rework X-ray